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Special interest & VIP tours

Myths, legends and ghosts of magical Prague

Magical Prague - an old city shrouded in countless myths and legends from its thousand years of history. En route through the historical parts of Prague you meet various mythical or legend personalities. Let´s have a light night wander through Prague with a guide in costume. 

Tour of controversy - open air contemporary sculptures gallery

A rebel motivated by anger, sculptor David Černý never fails to spark controversy with his shocking and provocative creations placed in public areas. His creative and controversial sculptures, scattered across Prague, offer a fascinating view into the Czech capital. 

Let´s see Prague through the eyes of this artist and enjoy a fun tour of Cerny’s outdoor public installations art. 

Following in Vaclav Havel´s footsteps

Hailing from a rich family whose assets were confiscated by the communist regime, the young Havel did odd jobs, wrote plays and dreamt of the stage. Long before becoming an anti-communism icon and Czech president, the late Vaclav Havel earned a reputation as visionary playwright.

While following the path of Vaclav Havel in Prague you will learn more about himself and his life. 

iPad Scavenger Hunt

Let´s enjoy iPad city rally in the historical city of Prague. The guests get an iPad2 with game instructions, they follow the instructions and answer questions about Prague. Beside that they use iPad for video making, for Czech language lessons, singing a song competition, using digital compass, making photos ....


The rally is lots of fun for all the participants.




Prague - the City of Music

Prague and music simply belong together! For centuries the city of Prague has been an inspiration to both Czech and foreign musicians, and some of the best music pieces including Mozart’s Don Giovanni were composed here. If you are a true music lover then don’t hesitate and join us on an enchanting music tour in the Prague footsteps of world-famous composers.


Music needs no interpretation. Let´s experience the magic of music - with us you will be “all ears”….





Modern Architecture & Design of Prague

Let’s enjoy a footpath through Prague to see various interesting new buildings. Let’s see and enjoy notable examples of Czech Cubism, interwar architecture, some interesting examples of 1990s buildings and also quality modern architecture of the 21st century.


Prague surprise - let’s get to know the new artists and their visions... 





In the footsteps of Franz Kafka & other Prague´s German-language authors

Franz Kafka is one the best known and world-renowned representatives of Prague's German-speaking literary scene and one of the most significant prose writers in 20th-century world literature. Kafka lived in Prague all his life, haunting the city and being haunted by it, both hating it and needing it. He took a fairly active part in the cultural life of Prague particularly during his time at university and in his first years of employment. To name a few of other German-language authors - Max Brod, Egon Erwin Kisch, Rainer Maria Rilke and others.


This tour includes listening to passages from Kafka’s books and from books of other German-language writers.



Magic eights

It is said that Czechoslovak history has been ruled by dates ending in the number eight. The superstition has spread among the population that years ruled by the "magic eights" fundamentally change the fate of the country. To name at least four significant years ending in eight: 1918, 1938, 1948 or 1968. All of these years are of great and unquestionable importance to the fate of our ancestors and therefore us.




Let´s commemorate some of the numerous dates that were of deep significance to the city of Prague and its citizens. Walking through the town you will see places connected with these "magic eights" years and



Relax & Wellness in Prague

This relax and wellness programme offers the opportunity to escape from daily stresses, restore balance into your lives, and rejuvenate the body, mind & spirit. What could be better than relaxing or rejuvenating at a top Prague spa in the heart of Europe?

The city of Prague features many fine spa and wellness establishments and offers a wide selection of health and beauty services in medical centres, hair and beauty salons, gyms, yoga and Pilates classes, swimming pools, parks with jogging and cycling paths, various sporting facilities, numerous dance centres and even horse stables for that horseback riding lesson you keep meaning to take.

The world of wellness, health and beauty is at your fingertips in the charming city of Prague. Let´s leave all your stress at home. You will be well taken care of!




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